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Kangaroo Bedding P/L

Firm A Pedic specalist

30 years of Australian Manufacturing

Manufactures of high quality bedding


At Kangaroo bedding we offer a broad selection of mattress and base ensembles to meet your every bedding need. Kangaroo bedding has been providing the Australian furniture industry for over 30 years and it is this experience which allows us to produce the highest level of service and product.

We manufacture an extensive range which includes everything from Latex, Pillow top and Orthopedic mattresses to budget, Commercial/hospital and baby cot ranges. All these lines are proudly Australian made and are produced at our factory in Campbellfield, Victoria, to the highest standard and attention to detail. 

Since its establishment Kangaroo bedding has endeavoured to facilitate the needs of every customer. It is this commitment to ongoing trials and developments which allows Kangaroo bedding to meet the ever changing standards which are required today. Years of experience and knowledge allow Kangaroo bedding to deliver an in-depth and extensive range of mattresses which are all produced to the highest standards and attention to detail.

The manufacturing range includes two year, five year, ten year and fifteen year warranty mattresses; which vary from Latex, Pillow top and Orthopaedic mattresses to Motel/ Hospital/Commercial and baby cot and bassinette ranges. If required, mattresses can also be produced to customer specifications i.e. special sizes, firmer, softer, fire retardant fabric or biomed vinyl

Kangaroo Bedding

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Mattress Queen firm A Pedic 100% Aussie Made NEW 15 Yr
Mattress Queen Firm A Pedic 15 Yr NEW 100% Aussie Made
Mattress Queen Leisure Sleep firm 100% Aussie Made NEW
Mattress double Benson 5 Yr Warranty NEW 100% Australian Made
Mattress Double Dream Time 100 % Australian made NEW
Mattress king single Dream Time NEW
Mattress single Dream Time NEW 100% Australian made
Mattress King Single Benson 5 Yr Watranty NEW 100% Australian Made
Mattress Single Benson 5 Yr Watranty NEW 100% Australian Made
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