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Born From Space Our story began when NASA developed a pressure absorbing material to cushion and support astronauts during the strain of lift-off. They needed an exceptional way of evenly distributing weight and pressure. This unique material later became TEMPUR: the only mattress and pillow recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.

Certified by the Space Foundation Perfected through research Since our space beginning, through further research and development by our scientists and engineers, we have perfected and extended the TEMPUR technology to create a collection of mattresses, sleep systems and pillows that give you your best night’s sleep. Today, only a handful of top TEMPUR scientists know the proprietary formula to make TEMPUR material.

We manufacture the material in our own production facilities in Denmark and the United States, never outside company-owned facilities. We continually invest in research and development to seek new innovations in sleep and ensure that our technology and products always deliver the best sleep possible.


The TEMPUR difference
is all about performance benefits

Because of their unique performance, TEMPUR mattresses and pillows differ from all others – and provide the best night’s sleep. This performance derives from the TEMPUR material’s open cell structure, resulting in billions of supporting points that reduce pressure on your sleeping body.



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