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1930s Dunlop Bedding first entered into the Australian Market in 1934,
with the introduction of its first brand Dunlopillo.

SlumberSong.png 1940s Sprung Mattresses being manufactured & sold in Melbourne.

OriginalFactory.png 1950s Late 1950`s Dunlopillo buys separate SleepMaker companies in QLD, NSW & VIC and also BBB mattress company

(An established & recognised name dating from late 1800`s 1958-Furniture-Exhibition-APA_05287.png 1960s TVC Associating SleepMaker with quality Print ads for furniture stores, showing SleepMaker as a “Famous Brand” DunlopilloAdvert.png 1970s Promoting comfort and trying to educate consumers about support versus hardness.

Not widely promoted/advertised when compared with Simmons Beautyrest. Introduction of first Chiropractic Bed. SleepMakerLabelAdvert-(1).png 1980s Presentation to retailers announced: “SleepMaker offered bed comfort with support.
That was, is, and always will be the SleepMaker promise.”

Early 1980s introduced the BioBody bed with zoning. Mid 1980s introduced the Miracoil spring system, the first continuous spring system, and still the most recent innovation in spring technology. Tagline: “Total comfort with extra support”. Miracoil becomes an independent identity. Promotions based on tagline “Comfort with Support”.

Mr Sleepy/Little Boy in clouds, Clouds, Comfort etc. Ingrained in company culture as well as advertising and logo/signage. MrSleepy.png 1990s 1997 advertising focussed on Springs & Technology. Geeky guy with X-ray goggles looking inside a mattress at the spring systems. If you can’t choose a bed by lying on it for 10 seconds.

You can’t choose a bed by it’s cover. Better springs, better support. Dropped Mr Sleepy from advertising. 1999 “What dreams are made of. When you sleep better, you dream better.” Miracoil5.png 2000s 2002-2003 Pompom Mama & AFL ads “It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do.” 2006 tagline:

“The Experts at Making you Sleep.” 2007 SleepMaker select. Series of press ads “Now any couple can share the same bed.” Range available at all retailers. SleepMakerClassicAdvert.png 2010s 2011 SleepMaker & Dunlop Foams are purchased by The Comfort Group, a family owned business originating in New Zealand in 1935.

The Comfort Group is dedicated to building and maintaining a highly skilled and robust local manufacturing capability, using locally sourced components where possible.

It's reputation has been established as a business that combines leading edge innovation, expertise and world-class operating processes to production of products of the highest quality which are distributed through a comprehensive network of wholesalers and retailers.

The Comfort Group is committed to long term on-shore manufacturing, and plans further initiatives to improve Australasia’s competitive advantage in the world market. Comfort-Group-Logo.png 2012 Mattress selector TVC launches.


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